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Concrete Cleaning

Other areas of your home or business – particularly driveways, walkways, steps, sidewalks, and patios – are not only subjected to dirt. Other contaminants from regular vehicle and foot traffic such as mold, algae, oil, graffiti, gum, food, and drink are tracked inside buildings and become a health issue. It can cause sickness or poor air quality, and when wet, excess mold and algae can form dangerous, slippery conditions. Hydro Clean uses a combination of environment-friendly cleaning solutions and safe water pressure to restore your property to a welcoming, healthy, and safe condition to show visitors your pride of ownership and curb appeal.

  • "What more could a company look for when hiring someone to clean their property? We keep the name "Hydro Clean" at the top of our 'important people to call list'!"

    Kelly Kelly, Kelly's Homes Ltd.

  • "Quality service, reliable, and on time. All aspects customers want, and Hydro Clean delivers every time."

    Robert Case, Case's Renovations Ltd.

  • "I have had sellers think their deck is unsalvageable, their blackened concrete walkway is not cleanable, and their siding should be replaced. Then Hydro Clean steps into the picture with the solution, and at a reasonable cost compared to the alternative. It’s worth the investment for sure."

    Donna Gardiner Thompson, Gardiner Realty Royal LePage

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